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MMM Nigeria Top Guider(Qwinpresh) Abandones MMM Nigeria | Encourages Downlines To Join Other Scheme

MMM Nigeria is yet to fully recover from the recently announced restart. But it seems most of the MMM top guiders have taken to their heels abandoning the community when it needs them the most. Some top guiders have been seen on WhatsApp groups encouraging their downlines to join other scheme.

Example of such Top Guider is Qwinpresh who is a 10k guider. Qwinpresh owns MMM WhatsApp groups with over 300 members. Qwinpresh who have made millions off the head of his/her downlines is now encouraging them to come and join her in another scheme. Her goal is to get more persons under her again and make more money off their head. Below are screenshots from her messages on WhatsApp

We don’t know the effect of MMM on Qwinpresh but the truth still remains that, everyone has lost something in MMM and Qwinpresh does not have the best interest of anyone at heart, she is only after referral bonus. So please be advice, if you are in any of her WhatsApp groups, don’t allow her to use and make money off your head.

While some MMM participants are trying to revive the system, people like Qwinpresh are busy trying to make more money from others sweat. MMM Nigeria have seen a slight rise in PH volume after the restart and Mavros are been defrost after 14 days, merging of orders is still been done automatically.

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