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MMM Nigeria Guiders Switched To Other Platforms As MMM Nigeria Sinks

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Barely 24 hours after MMM Nigeria announces a system restart, some guiders have started to promote other platforms on Facebook. This sends the message that these guiders have carried participants money to perform in other schemes.

These same guiders where the very ones encouraging their downlines to PH and now that they have withdrawn the leader bonus, they have used it to invest in other platforms. One of such guider was reported to Team_Mntrends his name on Facebook is Benfranklin Onah.

According to the MMM participant who reported this guider, she said that this one of the many guiders that encourages people to PH. She further went on to say that, this guider have been encouraging everyone to PH and when MMM announced a system restart, he was among the first to give his public support to a platform known as Sizawe.

Below are the screenshots which we received that shows a guiders public support to Sizawe barely 24 hours after MMM announced the system restart.

The major beneficiary of MMM is the guiders as they get leader bonus for every participant under their structure. So do you think it is wise for a guider to join another platform as at the time when they needed the Most? Please leave us your opinion via your comments below. 


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