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MMM Community Performance Review In China and India

The MMM community have been very active in these two countries. It seems they are the lead countries when it comes to MMM community rankings.

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MMM India is rumored to have lasted for more than 4 years. It means that the country have experienced a smooth MMM operation for a period of 4 years with restart or pause mode. Elsewhere like Nigeria and South Africa, MMM have experienced pause mode more than once and a restart. If it is true that India experienced 4 years smooth running of MMM operations, then it has really been a smooth ride and thumbs up to its participants and admins.

MMM China in the other hand have been the very first country to use other cryptocurrencies to participate in MMM. MMM China became so strong that admins were able to add ethereum and Bitcoin cash for participants to use in PH. That update could only be implemented in a system that is stable.

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So in overall, MMM in China and India are doing great and hope to continue that way for the last part of the year. With high hopes for the coming year, MMM participants are hoping for a smooth run in the new year. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates. 


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