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How Zimbabwe Became The World Most Expensive Bitcoin Market


The African country Zimbabwe have become the place were bitcoin is most expensive in the world. Although Zimbabwe is not the most richest country in Africa and it’s not the most populous country either, but it seem Zimbabwe bitcoin is very expensive because it seems it is the only formal way to send and receive money internationally in Zimbabwe.

Everyday, there is an increasing demand for bitcoin in Zimbabwe and this somehow has made the demand for bitcoin more than the supply of bitcoin in the country. Zimbabwe citizens has difficulty sending and receiving money from other countries, but the introduction of bitcoin in the country, they can now make payment for goods and services within minutes.


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When bitcoin was globally a little above $6,000 in Zimbabwe bitcoin was sold above $12,000. It seems the demand for the use of bitcoin in Zimbabwe is higher than any other place in the world. Now that bitcoin is sold about $10,000, bitcoin in Zimbabwe now costs more than $17,000.
The price of bitcoin in Zimbabwe is proof that the global price of bitcoin can always increase and might just hit the $12,000 landmark by the end of the year. If you are thinking about selling your bitcoin to make more profits, how about you try selling in the Zimbabwe market?



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