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China Can Influence The Price of Bitcoin To Hit $9,000 By The End of The Year


With China partially put of the cryptocurrency market, Japan and South Korea now dominate Asia. And with these two countries, bitcoin have seen a tremendous rise in its price. As at the time of writing this article, bitcoin recently crossed the $7,000 mark.

China recently made an adjustment to the country’s cryptocurrency regulations and this have affected the China cryptocurrency market. Most bitcoin exchange platforms have to limit or shut down operations. According to CryptoNews, some Bitcoin miners have taken to selling their mining equipments in the black market.

But what will happen to should China decide to make cryptocurrency trading regulations more friendly in the country. This means that the country will likely take over the cryptocurrency market and this will lead to a tremendous rise in bitcoin price.

There are currently few countries that now rules the cryptocurrency world, Japan, South Korea in Asia, United States of America in America, Australia, Germany in Europe while Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya in Africa.

More people are accepting cryptocurrency everyday and more cryptocurrency are been introduced into the world everyday. We might just be heading into the cryptocurrency Era. And you can still be part of this history by investing in bitcoin today. 


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