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Bitcoin Mining Explained in Simple Terms and English

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Most people are always looking for ways to mining crypto online. Others are just looking for ways to earn free bitcoin online. But most people who are interested in mining bitcoin have little or no idea what bitcoin mining is all about. This article is going to explain in simple terms what bitcoin mining is all about.

Bitcoin mining is the confirmation of bitcoin transactions in the blockchain technology. This means that when you are mining bitcoin, you automatically connect to the blockchain technology and help confirm sent bitcoin to various bitcoin address.




To make money from mining crypto is simple. For every transaction you help confirm in the blockchain, you will be paid a mining fee. Note that these fees are paid in bitcoin as well. You can therefor decide to sell the bitcoin or invest it either way when your eventually exchange your bitcoin to local currency you make cool money.
Mining bitcoin is not that complex but its not an easy task either. If you are interested in mining bitcoin with your phone browser CLICK HERE TO READ HOW. If you want to earn free bitcoin online you can CLICK HERE TO KNOW HOW.


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