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Bitclub Advantages Breaks More Ground In Nigeria

Nigeria and crypto

The Bitclub Advantage investment platform has continues its excellent form since arriving in Africa. In recent times, it has gifted five of it’s investors in Kenya Cars (One car Each) and now it seems investors in Nigeria are not left out. With the popularity of bitcoin in most part of Africa been driven by investment platforms, Bitclub Advantage has come to show that you can make extra money from the comfort of your home.

Bitclub Advantage officials in a seminar held in Lagos Nigeria, reportedly gave five cars to five of it’s investors from Nigeria (one car each). It seems more and more people from Nigeria are beginning to invest in the world most lucrative mining system (Bitcoin). Just in case you are wondering what Bitclub Advantage has to offer, below are a few breakdown.


Bitclub Advantage offers it’s investors a whooping 300% return of investment within a period of 52 weeks. And the profits are credited to your Bitclub Advantage account everyday and is available for withdrawal two times a month. One of the many good things about Bitclub Advantage is that, it allows investors to continuously earn from making a one time investment.
Investing in Bitclub Advantage is a good way of multiplying your bitcoin. If you would like to know more about Bitclub Advantage an it’s investment program, you can Call or WhatsApp Mr Pablo +2348117745973 or +2349083832420. Note that Bitclub Advantage is strictly an investment platform, so you should have an idea of been investor before trying to invest in Bitclub Advantage.



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