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A Fall In Bitcoin Market Value and A Rise In Bitcoin Cash Market Value

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In the wake of the abortive SegWit split, bitcoin has experienced a reduction in its market value while bitcoin cash experienced a rise in its market value. Bitcoin Cash is experiencing this lift because major figures have thrown their weight behind the chain.

More and more people and businesses now prefer a coin with less transaction fee. And with the transaction fee of bitcoin still on the high, many of these businesses now prefer Altcoins like litecoin and dash coin.

Due to the popularity of bitcoin, instead of completely switching from the use of bitcoin some businesses and persons now switched to using Bitcoin cash. The price of bitcoin fell below $7,000 for the first after 10 days and Bitcoin cash experienced an uplift above $900.

If this continues, the price of bitcoin cash might just cross the $1,000 by the end of the year. But will the rise of bitcoin cash bring a downfall for bitcoin itself? Well that question will be answered with time. For now, investing in bitcoin and Bitcoin cash now seem a very good option for anyone who wants to join the crypto world.

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