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Revealed: Sergey Mavrodi Was Wrongly Convicted for Fraud

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Before you start quoting some articles you read on Wikipedia or some other blog/website, take out time to read the story behind Sergey Mavrodi arrest as found out by Team_Mntrends from an extensive research. Just maybe after reading you will know he is not truly a fraud as he is been labeled.


In 1989, Mavrodi created MMM and back then it was not even a social financial community but a cooperative society. The MMM initially created by Mavrodi was focused on computer supplies.

By the year 1992, MMM became popular in most part of Russia because once every week, Mavrodi paid for the metro for people. This means that people can travel in the town for free using the subway once every week. Everything was fine until the year 1994.

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In the year 1994 the MMM cooperative introduced the MMM card. This card can be bought and sold at a later time. Because of the increasing interest, people can actually buy the card at a cheap rate and sell at a higher rate. People were making profits from just buying and selling of the MMM card.

But then came the turn around after six months. After approximately six months, the Russian government ordered the police to stop the sale and buying of the MMM card. The MMM office was shut down, properties confiscated, Sergey Mavrodi arrested and the MMM card made useless.

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Now was this a good decision on the part of Russian government? Obviously NO is the right answer as about 10 million of their citizens already bought the MMM cards. With the closure of MMM operations, they have made 10 million of their citizens lost money.

It is very important to note that MMM operations in Russia was not/never stopped by Mavrodi in fact left for him the system will still be working today. According to eye witnesses testimonies in court, local police was seen carrying money from MMM office into 17 trucks but it fell on deaf ears.

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It is unfair for Sergey Mavrodi to be blamed for the wrong decisions made by the government. According to Mavrodi, he is not fraudster and he never bought cars, houses, yacht or private jets from the fraud they claim he committed.

The source of the above is from MMM guider school. The complete history as told by Mavrodi was part of the school training. Now that you have heard Mavrodi side of the story, what do you think? You can leave us a comment below.


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