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Reasons why MMM Community is not included in lists of Fraud Scheme

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It’s very simple to spot the difference between a fraud scheme and a genuine one. Most people have labeled the MMM community a fraud but contrary to what many believes when the lists of platforms that have defrauded many people was compiled, the MMM community was not among. Below is the criteria for judging the fraud schemes.


The MMM platform have survived for more than one year in Nigeria. During this year it has made huge money for most of its participants. While it is true that most of its participants also got money stuck in the system but unlike other scheme, the MMM platform is still very functional. Most other platform didn’t even last up to a year before they went away with people’s money.

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The MMM platform have shown that they are very clear in their dealings with their members. When there is lack of PH they encourage PH and brought promo tasks. But other platforms uses more bonus to lure their members into putting more money and they eventually shut down and run away with those money.

Another important reason why MMM platform was not mentioned among the fraud schemes was due to its commitment to members. The platform is committed to its members that they give frequent news update in almost all social media platforms like Telegram Channel, Facebook page and even YouTube channel.


The final reason why MMM Nigeria is jot categorize as fraud is its real idea. MMM is built on the ideology of mutual donations. But other schemes have no real idea they just spring up today and shut down tomorrow stealing millions from people.



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