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Money Might be Stuck In MMM But They have Helped More People | Claimed a Participant


An MMM participant named George has given his opinion on the frozen Mavros issues. MMM Nigeria has frozen June/July Mavros in addition to 2016 Mavros that is already stuck up. While others have complained about this turn of event, others have try to PH to keep the system flowing. An MMM participant name George has this to say..

It’s very easy to throw blames when we feel some discomfort. Most persons who are complaining about MMM have also benefited from MMM in times past. Let’s not forget that MMM has been active for about five months after December break before June/July incident.

He further went on to say; now which of the MMM participants that have part of their money stuck and complaining will say that in those five months of MMM functioning that he/she did not receive payment.

He therefore concluded by saying that, in reality MMM might have hurt some persons but it has also brought joy and happiness to more persons. I believe that with little more patience, MMM will bring smiles to its participants.

We don’t know if you agree with Mr George above but he does have a point. But the truth still remains that MMM is yet to pay its participants and that is not going to be easy for some members of the platform. More updates about the release of old Mavros are still coming. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the updates first. 


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