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MMM Nigeria Update: MMM Nigeria Faces Another December Break?


December is coming and along with plans for the festive period is also plans to make money and buy good things. On December 14th last year, the MMM community went on a pause mode freezing millions of naira. When it eventually came back January 13th, the platform struggled to pay back all it owed.

With part of 2016 money hold up and June/July Mavros still frozen with December fast approaching, many MMM members are faced with wondering if there is going to be another break this year. If MMM community is paused again this year, it will be holding more money in the platform and this might lead to a possible restart of the system.
MMM have been trying to put in some modalities to avoid the December break. They recently introduced the weekly GH to make sure that GH volumes is constantly in same proportion to PH volumes in the system.

They also recently cut down over grown mavros to resort to paying only capitals to avoid holding members capital as December  is around the corner. Mavro 100% was replaced with mavros 50% and mavro growth after 30 days was stopped.
So the ultimate question still remains, will there be a break in December? Team_Mntrends don’t have answer to this question but you can leave us your opinion via your comment below. Remember that you can send us a direct message using the CONTACT US PAGE and also subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates.


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