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MMM Nigeria Pause The Pairing Of Orders| To Resume With Pairing Of All Mavros


The admin of MMM Nigeria has recently passed the dispatcher and paused the pairing of Mavros (Old and New). According to the summary from the last guider meeting, only big amount of GH were been merge and for this the MMM Nigeria admin have deemed it important to pause merging of all GH orders to bring out modalities to pair both big and small GH.

Although there were PH available in the system as at the time of writing this article, the PH are only big PH above one million. Hence the MMM admin advises all it’s participants to go and cancel big PH and reduce the amount. This means that those who PH one million should PH it twice.

We do not know when dispatcher will be release and when MMM Nigeria will start payment, but we know that it won’t be long. After the pause, if PH is enough old Mavros including June/July Mavros might just be release to its participants.

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