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MMM Has Never Failed its Participants | History of MMM Across the Globe


Contrary to what many believe and contrary to what many social media platforms (Blogs and websites) writes about MMM, MMM has never failed its participants. In fact there have never been a proof that MMM ran away with participants money or dupe certain people.

The news about MMM online is mostly based on what they copied and pasted from Wikipedia. And Wikipedia holds a record of the founder of MMM Sergei Mavrodi about an incident that happened in Russia almost two decades ago.

Throughout the dealings of MMM in various countries, MMM has never ran with money of its members but granted there have been delay in payment of money. But there is a huge difference between delay and making away with millions of peoples money.

To all MMM participants, know that MMM ideology is built around its members this simply means that, the members have the power to keep the system alive or kill the system. In various countries like South Africa, Kenya and Myanmar where MMM have went through a restart mode, no money was lost all old money was later paid when the system regain strength.

Say NO to negative comments and articles you see online. If you truly want to build MMM as a participant you have to stand by the ideology come what may. 


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