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MMM Has Done More Good Than Damage | See Proofs


Despite its recent struggles and the frozen of old Mavros, MMM has actually done more good than damage since it started in Nigeria. Most person won’t agree with the above but the statistics shows that MMM have actually helped more people that drain them.

In 2016 for example, MMM was fully operational for more than 10 months. Within this period of 10 months, most participants have performed GH operations more that 15 times and each time they got 30% return. Let’s take someone who start MMM in January 2016 for example. Let’s say he started with 100,000.

From January till November he might have made 30,000 which is the 30% of 100,000 for some 15 times. Now multiplying 30,000 x 15 =450,000. Now let’s assume he PH another 100,000 in December and it was frozen. Remove 100,000 from the 450,000 you will see that the person might have made additional 350,000. But still these person will come online and label MMM fraud.

You can take you time to do the calculations for what happen in June/July taking into consideration that MMM was fully operational for some five months. While it is true that there were some that have been truly unfortunate in that MMM frozen Mavro on their very first donations in the platform.

Modalities for Mavro release is been put together but for now all participate advice by admin to press the PH button to help fasten backdating and release old Mavros.

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