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MMM Becomes Major Bitcoin Investment Platform In Africa


The MMM platform has been recognized as the major bitcoin investment platform in Africa. The old Russian Ponzi has been very active across various countries in the continent,exposing it’s members to the Cryptocurrency. In Africa, MMM is known to be fully operational in five countries, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kenya.

In Nigeria alone, MMM have more than two million members of which about 40% are participating with bitcoin. Most people in Nigeria now buy, sell or even learn how to Mine bitcoin just to participate in MMM with bitcoin.

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South Africa is another country where MMM have a strong hold. In fact, South Africa is the first African country to accept MMM. And with about three and half million participants of which 60% participates with bitcoin, MMM has truly exposed the country to bitcoin.

MMM Kenya also make use of bitcoin in their platform. And although it recently went through a restart, the platform is still promising something good for all who stick with the system.

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Ghana and Zimbabwe are the last two countries to accept the MMM Ponzi. Though there have not been complaints about these platform in these countries so far, but there is going to be an expansion from local currency into the use of bitcoin soon.

So many people have claimed that MMM have ruined or spoilt their plans. But still others have said that MMM is God sent. Well, we are just a team of bloggers and the advice we have is, if you wish to participate in any scheme know that it is at your own risk, so before taking such risk be sure it is worth it. 


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