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How to Upload Your Proof Of Payment in MMM Platform Made Easy


Sometimes after payment most participants finds it difficult to upload their proof of payment in MMM platform. It might not be because they don’t know how to Upload it but sometimes the picture won’t just upload. Here are few tips you can try if you have problems uploading a proof of payment.

First is for you to change your browsers. Browser like Opera Mini, Uc browser and Uc Mini are not string enough to access the MMM website left alone to upload pictures. Most recommended browsers are Google Chrome browser and Firefox browser.

After you change to one of the browsers above and the problem still exist, then resize your picture. There is a maximum size that MMM website allows you to upload. Picture below 2mb usually uploads fastest. 

To minimize the picture size, use Photo editors like Photogrid or Pixmix to save another version of the picture. (Please note that it is not good for you to make changes to the proof of payment, just save the picture again).

If after the first two steps above and the error still persists just clear your browsing history and cashe. Close all browsing tabs leaving the one you want to use for the upload. With the steps above, you should be able to upload your proof of payment at anytime.

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