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Exposed: Statistics Shows That MMM Is No Fraud | See Full Details

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Most people believe that MMM is fraud, maybe its mostly because of the negative articles published online about the MMM scheme. The truth most of those articles are based on false facts and statistics. Take time to read on and see how MMM have operated/is operating in various countries, then decide if MMM is fraud or not.

According to articles in Naij News, MMM have run away with participants/members money. But that is not true, in fact MMM has never shut down its operations in any country. But granted MMM have had some Pause and even restart mode at times.

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MMM is currently in more than 118 countries and in MMM Myanmar, Kenya MMM has had difficult times.

In Myanmar for example, MMM operated for about two years and after this period, MMM Myanmar went through a restart mode. After the restart, old Mavros were frozen and not available for withdrawal. In an effort to kick start the system, MMM Myanmar was restricted to bitcoin only and participation was made global.

After a period of six months, old Mavros were gradually released and made available for withdrawal to members. As at the time of writing this article, MMM Myanmar is still recovering and old Mavros is been paid to members.

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Next is MMM Kenya which lasted for about one year and six months. After this said period, MMM Kenya was partly restart. Partly in the sense that only those using bitcoin was affected by the restart. Now all previously acquired bitcoin Mavros was frozen and made not available for withdrawal.

With local currency still working, MMM Kenya now plan to be gradually paying bitcoin with local currency as it builds up and also to pay all old Mavros as bitcoin PH builds up.

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Recently MMM Nigeria made order nominal available for withdrawal to its members in an effort to pay June/July Mavro acquired.

From our findings, it is very important to point out that MMM never really closes all it’s operations but they do delay in payments of money at some point in time.

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