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Exposed: Daily Post Nigeria Spreads Fake News About MMM Nigeria Crash


The blog Daily post Nigeria has taken to their website to write about a suppose crash of MMM Nigeria. According to the article published in Daily post some few hours ago, it claimed that Mr Andrew who is the head of MMM guiders in Nigeria posted in his Facebook page that MMM has crashed. But Daily post failed to upload a screenshot to verify this claim.

The article also went on to say that MMM had lots of fake big PH orders that were not eventually merged that led to the crash. But the truth is that, as at the time of writing this article, the MMM community is very active and even pairing of orders is ongoing. Below are screenshots.

Mntrendsblog don’t know why Daily post Nigeria will decide to write such an article but we do know that the news is false and is only meant to create unnecessary panic among MMM participants. MMM Nigeria has started the payment of old Mavros and they recently paid August 1st Mavros and they have promised that others will follow.

While MMM Nigeria participants awaits backdating, they are advice to go about their normal PH and GH activities as this will be the only way to get all old Mavros out. Articles like the one that appeared in Daily Post Nigeria should be ignored.

Mntrendsblog can not say if there will be any crash of MMM Nigeria but from our findings a crash is no were near sight. Mr Andrew in the recent guider meeting stated that due to huge PH in the system, they are merging huge GH first and that the algorithm is been adjusted to pay smaller GH orders.

The news that appeared on Daily Post Nigeria has no proof and hence should be ignored. For real updates about MMM Nigeria subscribe to our newsletter and get them delivered to your email for free. 


  1. MMM is still on and have come to stay…..continue your activities Mavrodians and ignore these evil news casters. Daily post Nigeria is known to be a cheap lying-gossip platform where unweighed matters are discussed for the cheap purpose of getting popularity.

    MMM 4Life

  2. Since the frozen of 2016 mavros MMM has been disappointing people under the pretense of upgrading. And it was so saddened that the same set of people trapped in the act were also involved in the June July's mavros that was frozen. Haha, why now MMM. But u want to remove greed now. Please go back to status quo. Pay 2016 and June July mavros and see if people will not troop inn to join the community.

  3. Why would you not say that just because you were not trapped in 2016 and JJ mavros that was frozen. What of those people that have died in the cause with their millions trapped in the system who donated to make the system strong.


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