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You won’t Believe The Reason for Delay In June/July Mavro Release


The long awaited June/July Mavro was released for about 3 hours some few days back but sadly it was later frozen. Team Mntrendsblog made their research to find out why the Mavros were not fully released below is our findings.

It seems the MMM programmers have been very busy with other MMM platforms. MMM China recently added two new coin to their platform, MMM Myanmar and Kenya recently went through a restart. But it seems it was finally the turn of MMM Nigeria to be liberated.

It seems when the programmers checked the MMM Nigeria platform, they saw lots of PH and thought that the PH volume was enough to pay for all GH requests but the moment they switched on dispatcher, they kept seeing rise in GH volume that it overwhelmed the PH requests in the system and for sustainability reasons they have to cancel all orders.
From our research, Team_Mntrends found out that only about 40% of MMM accounts have been active since the introduction of Mavro 100%. The other 60% are just sitting  idle waiting for June/July Mavro release. But the simple truth still remains that, MMM is built around its members so if you can’t work for the system you don’t expect the system to work for you.

So here is the shocking aspect of our findings, it seems the members themselves have delayed the release of June/July Mavro hence the MMM Admins decided to reintroduce the 10% Referral Defrost policy. READ MORE ABOUT THE 10% REFERRAL DEFROST HERE.
For the Sake of the system and for the sake of all members, all members should go and press the PH button. In fact it is in the best interest of the members if about 85% can become active as this will facilitate the process of releasing June/July Mavros.


  1. The blame is 90% them and 10% us.
    What did we do wrong, why punishing a man for another mans crime. Why making us a scape goat.
    As far as im concern, there was enof ph when they paused us.
    Its not everyday u goes to ur office tht u makes huge sales. Some days u make 2k, 60k, 5k and so on. Things fluctuates.
    U won't say bcos u made 100k d other day n now u made 5k, tht u wont b going to work again.
    Thts wht iv seen in mmm. Once ph is low according to them on a particular season, they pause everybody. Forgetting tht tmrw will b better if they dont touch d system.
    If theres no money to pay people, dnt pay them, pay them next week or month if possible but stop pausing d system for Christ sake, as this will only worsen d situation. Why sounding a bell tht ur company is going to crash, who will invest in ur company afterwards. Why not play along n watch things fix itselves.
    I kpt saying it, nobody is a fool here.
    Its even better they ask us to ph 10% n get bk 20% of July, maybe weekly than just ignore our help n ask us to ph agn. U will see how active the community will be with just tht. And many ppl would hv gotten half of their money by now.
    Im sure this ppl are educated, why behaving lik d opposite.
    They know what to do but doesn't want to.
    They said we gave them wrong advice, so if we had advised them to pay each person 1million bonanza would they have obeyed?
    Is tht not an advice?
    So y blame us for wht they didnt analyze n test run.
    Programmers are intelligent people,  im speaking from experience but the ones we have there i dnt understand.
    Let them tell us another story, we all aint dummies.
    Let them leave our system alone, its working well bfo they interrupted and now they re too busy to attend to us, yet they weren't busy when they touched it. Y start what u cant finish or have time for.
    Let them find a percentage we can ph n gh another percentage.
    Thts d only way forward. Not asking us to blindly ph again, we re no fools.
    Just my opinion though, i stand to be corrected.
    One love.

    Please,let it be released on time so that participant will have confidence in the system again and they will be able to bring in more participant…
    They had rally in Lagos yesterday andAbuja under heavy rain,when I posted it on a portal they attacked me that MMM participants are just wasting their time,their 2016 mavro is stuck in the system and June July and I want them to also join so that their money will be stuck in trying to convince them but they told me until they see my PO and confirmed my mavro has been released to me thats when they will join…

    Please.please and please


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