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Tired Of Hearing June/July Mavro Release Soon? | Read This For Clarification


The bible even said that expectation postpone makes the heart sick and so the many complaints from MMM participants regarding delay in June/July Mavros release is understandable. But at same time there are few things that they need to understand about the process of releasing these Mavros.

First, according to the summary of MMM Guider meeting with Mr Andrew some few weeks back, Mr Andrew agreed that moving the date backwards has been approved but not implemented by the programmers yet. Please note that Mr Andrew did not specify if the back dating will go as far as July or even June.

Secondly, Mr Andrew is not the programmer of the MMM platform he only serves as an intermediary between MMM Nigeria and the Admins. The MMM News digest of this week suggests that the programmers have been busy, which means that aside from MMM Nigeria they have been working on other MMM platforms from various countries. For example, the use of Litecoin and Ethereum was introduced in MMM China. So working on MMM Nigeria platform will not just happen over night it will take time.

Thirdly, MMM participants needs to understand that moving the date backwards will require serious programming endeavors. There will be errors and mistakes, these have to be checked, measures have to be put in place to ensure that people will GH with little or no problem.

Finally, running a smooth platform for more than 5 Million people is not an easy task. While waiting patiently for the release of June/July Mavros, PH if you have anything and enjoy Mavro 100% now. Critics are always there to criticize don’t listen to them.

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  1. Please I have some money trapped in the system around July, if I ph let's say #20,000 will i be able to gh all the money I had in the system or I will be able to gh part of the 20k.pls reply asap

  2. Information reaching us so far is that, you won't be able to GH your June/July Mavro. But with 20k PH, you will enjoy a 100% growth withdrawable every week and also enjoy 10%/20% old Mavro defrost. Hope your question was answered.


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