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The MMM Coin Values To Rise Faster Than Bitcoin | Invest In The MMM Coin Today

The BITCOIN (BTC) is currently the world most valuable cryptocurrency but the fight for the top spot is very open. The BITCOIN CASH and ETHEREUM have been slow in the fight for the top spot but the the MMM COIN is set to break the record.

The MMM COIN is to have about 10 Million users at first launch and this will give it a big boost in it’s market value. With the MMM platform having over 200 Million participants worldwide, the MMM COIN might just gain more attention at first launch and this will bring about a tight competition for BITCOIN.

According to a quote from the MMM COIN website, although MMM is a different system all on its own, Mr. Sergey Mavrodi felt that there was a missing piece in the puzzle. He thought long and good, but couldn’t think of anything that would fit in that empty space, then one day it hit him that since it was a different system, it should also have its own different currency. 
That is when Mavrodi came up with the concept of the MMM COIN, and just to make it better he thought that it should be bigger than the current Biggest Crypto Currency, Bitcoin. MMM COIN is the Imagination of Sergey Mavrodi that has now turned into reality, but he wants a BIG crowd of anticipators waiting for it when it finally launches, thus he wants 10 Million users in the system before he launches it on his 63rd Birthday on August 11th in 2018.

The future of the MMM COIN will be determined by the number of users/demands for the cryptocurrency when it launches. It might live in the shadow of BITCOIN or break right through it and give it a good competition. 


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