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See Rewards Missed By MMM Participants who Didn’t PH After Upgrade

After the recent upgrade in MMM Nigeria platform, lots of its participants refuse to PH while some took the bull by the horn and PHed. Below are lists of rewards missed by all participants who didn’t PH after the upgrade. 

1. Mavro Hundred Percentage(100%)

This is the very first reward missed by most participants who didn’t PH after the upgrade. While awaiting the release of June/July Mavros, getting 100% return is not a bad idea. But sadly, some MMM Participants failed to see this opportunity and make good use of it. But others did and are now enjoying it. See picture below 

2. Old Mavro 10%/20% Defrost

The old Mavro defrost policy is still very active, but because these participants refuse to PH they never got any old Mavro defrost for the period they refuse to PH. It is also important to note that, participants that PH not only enjoyed Mavro 100% but also enjoyed old Mavro defrost. 

3. Weekly Mavro GH 

Both Mavro 100% and old Mavro defrost are all available for weekly GH. But those participants who didn’t PH never got to experience this as they neither got Mavro 100% nor any old Mavro defrost available for withdrawal. 
The good news is, it’s not too late to hit the PH button. MMM Admins are working hard to release Mavro June/July but while we bear with them, it is in your own good to PH and start enjoying what others are enjoying. But if you choose to be a spectator and watch as others enjoy the above then be our guest.


  1. There should release June/July we are not animals during the upgrade if this was going to happen why did there match us to pay for the July/August mavro ? Now we are suffering the greedy ones are enjoying and mocking us.We PH and not cancel to keep our community.We should be considered.We are not animals or we have too much.It spare money and by the time you have use your spare money sacrifice to keep the community then how do you have the cash to ph and benefit 100% when it is title spare money.mmm those who ph to sustain our coming during the upgrade that many were running away should be treated fairly that my take.MMM is our community no going back but surely need help too if we are treated unfairly it becomes unjust.If we are being preach on the benefit of 100% it becomes unjust we know the benefit and we sacrifice to keep the community during upgrade but now our SPARE we spare to others is on trap while those scammers who cancel their ph are the beneficial of mmm.Think I see it as unjust but I love mmm m it remains our only reliable community only if those scammers who are enjoying the 100% can understand this too


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