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Nigeria President Joins MMM Nigeria | Buhari Becomes a Guider in MMM Nigeria

It seems the federal government of Nigeria has finally decided to help boost confidence in the MMM Nigeria platform. The president of Nigeria, His Excellency Mohammadu Buhari made this public by sharing the certificate of his graduation from the recent MMM guider school. See picture below

This now give rise to the question, if the president of Nigeria can apply and graduate from MMM guider school, does this mean they are now in support of MMM Nigeria.? Remember that MMM guider recently drilled borehole for communities in Abia state and Katsina state.

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The picture above is just an MMM Participant playing around, he applied for MMM guider school with the name of the Nigeria president. That is very funny but the fact still remains that MMM have done a lot of good works in Nigeria.

Among the charity works done by MMM Nigeria are, free eye care check in a hospital in Lagos, free learning tools like books, biro, pencil etc to a primary school in Ibadan. Drilling of borehole for a community in Abia state.

The main concern of MMM Participants still remains the release of June/July Mavros. But as it stands it seems that is no where near the corner. What do you think about Nigeria President becoming an MMM participant? Leave your comment below. 


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