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MMM Nigeria Reactivate 10% Referral Defrost | Another Step Closer To June/July Mavro


In an attempt to pay all June/July Mavros, MMM Nigeria have reactivated the 10% Referral defrost. This means that, for every PH made by your downline/downlines, you get 10% defrost of your old Mavros. For example, three of your downlines PH 20k each that means you get 6k release from your 2016 Mavros(2k per downline).

It is very important to note that this is been done to boost the PH volume in the system. As at the time of writing this post, we gathered from a Secure source that only about 40% of MMM participants have been active in the system. The other 60% have been dormant neither PH nor GH. So when dispatcher was turned on by programmers some days back, GH volumes over whelmed the system hence all transactions had to be canceled.
Note that this recent update is a call to action and not an avenue for multiple fake accounts. Because creation of multiple fake accounts will only create more problems for admin to handle. So if you want your June/July Mavro released, say no to multiple account. Encourage your downline to PH and once PH volumes increases some more, Admins will be able to move the date backwards.

Please note that this update is purely based on the last guider meeting held with Mr Andrew and this article is geared at motivating all MMM participants to work for the system and watch the system work for them in return. MMM is built around its members, so it is only logical for all to participate in the recovery of the system.
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  1. We have done alot to convince our downlines and they started phing and 2016 mavro was gradually being released when you now freeze june/july. Where the problem is is promo task award,guiders carting away our money without ph and the downlines have stop ph.


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