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How To Earn Free Bitcoin With NiceHarsh Miner Application


The NiceHarsh Miner is an application that is created by NiceHarsh and it’s main purpose to simplify mining of bitcoins. The available NiceHarsh Miner 2 for beginners only works in PC with 64bits windows.

This application is seen by windows defender as a malware and to successfully install this application one have to deactivate the windows defender else this application can’t be installed.


1. Download the NiceHarsh Miner Application HERE
2. Be sure that your OS runs on 64bit else you will receive error message
3. Set up the Application
4. Follow the onscreen instructions
5. Input your Wallet address
6. Start the mining process

For every miner to earn more from bitcoin, the miner have to spend more time online. So running the Application requires time and also good power supply to keep your system working for reasonable period of time.
It is important to note that there might be a mining fee attached to receiving the bitcoin that you mined. Once this automated  mining fee has been paid, the three way authentication process will be confirmed and the bitcoin sent to your wallet address.
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Disclaimer: Mntrends will not be held responsible for any loss of BTC in the process above as we neither the creator of the app nor the promoters. We are just a blog that gives insight on possible way to earn BTC.


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