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How To Earn Free Bitcoin Daily Using The Free Bitcoin Maker App


The Free Bitcoin Maker App is online/offline based android app that allows its users to earn free bitcoin/satoshi every 30 minutes. With this app, one can earn as much as 0.00000050 daily.

With the Free Bitcoin Maker App, the user can earn 500 satoshi every 30 minutes. That is an equivalent of 0.00000050 bitcoin. The app also have an option of earning satoshi/bitcoin every 30 minutes. But to use this option, the user have to buy time with 1000 satoshi which is about 0.00000051 bitcoin.

Remember we said earlier that this app is online/offline based. So anytime you are online (That is have internet connection), the app plays a 30 seconds short video and after watching this video you automatically earn 150 satoshi that is about 0.00000015 bitcoin.

The next option to earn bitcoin with this app is to download app from google playstore. Downloading app from google playstore earn you about 2300-2800 satoshi that is about 0.000023-0.000028 bitcoin.

To download this App CLICK HERE and you can also CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO SET UP THE APP. Before using the app please read the terms and conditions to fully understand how the app works and start earning free bitcoin.


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