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Benefits Enjoyed by MMM Participants as They Await June/July Mavro Release

The MMM Participants are currently enjoying some benefits as they wait patiently for June/July Mavro release. Below are some of the benefits. 

1. Referral Bonus 

The referral bonus is one benefit that is enjoyed by many MMM participants as they can now GH their referral bonus every seven days along with their acquire Mavros. But for those who didn’t PH, they are not currently enjoying this to the fullest. 

2. Mavro 100%

As they patiently await the release of June/July Mavros, MMM Participants now enjoys 100% return every 30days that they can GH every week. This doubles the amount of money you use in helping another member after 30days. But again only members who PH are enjoying this to the fullest. 

3. Old Mavro 10%/20% Defrost

There is a constant release of old Mavro for all who PH that they can GH every seven days. Most MMM Participants who PH have enjoyed a release of their old Mavros but those who didn’t never got a taste of release for their old Mavros. 

4. Weekly Mavro GH 

All benefits mentioned above are available for withdrawal every seven days. This means that MMM Participants that PH actually enjoyed weekly payment while those that didn’t are busy complaining about June/July Mavros. 
There will always be critics of MMM Nigeria but before you start listening to critics sit down and think, if I had put 10,000 in MMM last month, you would have been 10,000 more richer now and also enjoyed old Mavro defrost as you awaits your June/July Mavro release.
The big news of June/July Mavro release is around the corner but don’t forget that you can enjoy the current MMM benefits by simply clicking the PH button. 


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