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See Why MMM Participants Needs To Stop Complaints And Swing Into Action


It has been noticed in many Social media groups that many MMM participants have been complaining about release of June/July Mavros. Well their complaints is understandable but they forget that their most important concern should be the sustainability of the system and not only old mavro release.

Most MMM participants don’t know that MMM have launched promo task worldwide and according to the news digest that appeared in the MMM website, countries like Ghana, Kenya, Turkey, Brazil and Australia have benefited greatly from participating in this contest.

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The truth be told, in the history of MMM no one has lost money they only experienced delay in payment. Now all MMM Nigeria participant should understand that only when the community is stable that is when it will be sustainable for a long time.

MMM Nigeria participants have been working but they can do more by participating in the promo contest and bring in more members to sustain the system. This article is a charge to action for all MMM participants let’s make MMM great and let’s make it last for a long time by bringing new member every week. 
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