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See Benefits Of The New MMM Policy To Its Faithful Members


The recent MMM upgrade is beneficial to all it’s faithful members but not beneficial to all unfaithful members. 

The new policy will checkmate all hit and run members and cub those with multiple accounts. Let’s see the explanation below

For Example, some hit and run members will come into the system with 3 million and the 30% of 3 million is 1.5 million. 

Now if these people succeeds and run away they go away with 1.5 million. This means that the system have to recover 1.5 million to pay old members.
But with this new policy and upgrade there won’t be such hit and run again as the whole 4.5 million above wont be paid once but over a period of time maybe four or five weeks.
It is very important to note that, weekly release of old mavro with be based on available PH in the system. 

So if you PH 3 million and you want to GH high you need to PH a little of your last GH else it might even take up to three months to finish paying the 4.5 million.
Now all true MMM members can now laugh at hit and run members with their dubious mind to ruin this wonderful community that brings about financial freedom.
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