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MMM To Release Mavro June/July | Converts June/July To August Mavros


With the recent rise in PH volume in the MMM platform, they are now set to release June/July Mavros. It seems they are trying a new method for this release as the recent update in the personal office (PO) shows that they are changing all Mavro acquired June/July to August. 

This measure shows that they are trying to convert these Mavros to be seen as August Mavros instead if June/July Mavros. This way all Mavros will be paid once the news appears in the PO. 
To confirm this yourself kindly 
1. Log  into your PO
2. Click on Mavro
3. Select June/July Mavros
4. Click on Mavro 30%

If the above steps is followed properly, you will see that the Admins are changing the dates from June/July to August to enable all Mavros June/July cleared. 
MMM is working and soon there will song’s of joy and letters, videos of testimonies everywhere. We don’t know how soon this implementation will be but with this recent update, it can’t be farther away. 
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  1. @caleb dandy,if ur money is freazed last year december and you pH again to get back your money and now ur money freazed again,where did you get money to pH again.before u write rubbish think of people that there money was lost in December.

  2. If only the mmm admin will agree to introduce 30-40% re-ph weekly of June/July mavro after participants starts ghing their weekly mavro it will sustain the platform, the re-phing should be just only for June/july mavro and it should be made compulsory until it is cleared the system should be set back to normal.Even though the 100% is moving but for how long cos the bulk of the participants are the ones that brought the system out of recession in December freeze now their June, July mavros are stock, which the admin knows that the present participants cannot be compared with those of j/j, so please you guys should look into it.

  3. Mmm should do something about the June/July if not the Nigeria's will take mmm as a hit and run stuff
    , is not telling us they will they will when will it be? Either they make it to be like if u GH some of ur j/j u have to pH before GH- ing again. Mmm plan out a forward.

  4. mmm should close the site if they dont have anything to offer anymore.no one will fall fool 3times.l phed 300k Nov. No gh,then phed 90k again july no gh.u want me to ph again? I will not ph the least Nigeria currency #5. Until my July mavro is released then we can now talk of nov 2016 mavro


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