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MMM To Release July/June Mavros Soon As PH Volume Now Cross 20Million and Increasing

Good news to all Mavrodians as MMM will likely release both July and June mavros due to the significant rise in PH volume. MMM can either decide to release July then June later of might just release both at same time depending on the volume of PH in the system.
According to our source and all PH we have been able to gather so far, the MMM members are really turning up PH and PH is increasing by the day. Below are recent PH and a calculation suggest  that some 20million Naira have been PH so far and it is increasing everyday. See picture proof below

From the above, it seems that MMM participants are working hard for the quick recovery of the system. If you are an MMM member go and press the PH button today. If you are not yet a member and wishes to join, indicate via your comment below.


  1. I thank God for giving our Generation this wonderful gift called MMM. I worked for 17 for year as a civil servant and had nothing to show for it.

    I Joined June 2016 now I have fine houses one in the village and one in the City.

    I have started a good business and become employer of Labour.

    Thanks to God Almighty for blessing this world with Marvrodi Sergy.

  2. In mmm, you never loose your money….it may be delayed, but u will definitely get it back…i plead with all participants to please dont do hit and run…put back money into the system,{spare money} lets keep changing lives….MmM will live for ever if we keep phing after ghing….if everybody go to withdraw their money from the bank, wherr will they get money to pay you if you go to withdraw? The banks doesnt keep your money in a safe naww,,,its somebody else's deposit that they pay to you when u come to withdraw…. that's the same ideology with mmm…..

  3. if this screen shot is true… i will rather put my whole in MMM instead of banking it without instreast… when and how is what we are waiting for. i believed in MMM…. i salute d programmer's for they are d brain behind this. long life MMM


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