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MMM Nigeria Records N40 Billion PH | Set To Release August,July/June Mavros

Earlier this Month after the recent upgrade and introduction of the new model which included the weekly withdrawal limit and introduction of mavro 100%, MMM recorded rise in PH level worth somewhere around N20 Million.

Shortly after that, there was a release of Mavro 30% acquired in August and this have increased the level of PH even more. Towards the end of the month August, MMM Nigeria experienced a tremendous increase in PH volume that according to a source from twitter the PH volume is now somewhere close to N40 billion naira. See picture below

With this current rise in PH and decline in GH volume, the platform is now set to release mavros acquired in August,July and June respectively. The benefit of the weekly GH limit will now be seen as outrageous amount of GH will be limited.
MMM is taking the right steps to pay it’s members, all the participants can do now is to support the platform anyway they can. You can start by engaging in promo tasks and getting more people to register in the platform. below are more screenshot proof from an online consultant about the release of mavros soon.

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  1. MMM administrator , you are attending to new participants and jettisoned the foundational members that have been the survival and the life wire of MMM platform. Well let me advise you mmm administrators, U can only pull participant into the system if you make 2016 and June /July mavros the top priority. This works better than wasting away millions of naira on charity which is not necessary for this period.


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