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MMM Guiders Latest Meeting| MMM Upgrade Phase 2 and Release of 2016 Mavros Discussed

Please read the summary below carefully to fully understand the upcoming upgrade and how it will affect the release of 2016 mavros.
Summary Credit:Chibuzo OWUALA:

*Guiders Meeting update 20/08/2017*

*your activities are important to enable us pay for June July
*Really important for us to be active so as to recover on time
*About 5%/10% June July, it depends on ph and gh.. We match ph to gh – no ph no gh.. Let’s see how it goes cos we can’t predict what we happen.. 
*It’s important we participate with smaller amounts cos big amounts gives us problems and that’s why we always give priority to smaller amounts..
*you should understand that there is no money is trapped in the system – you should understand that.. Cos ph and gh must balance for this community to work.. 
*I don’t have the contacts of the programmers as i can only suggest and it will be passed to them and what they do takes time… 
*this upgrade did not cause panic but once ph was short panic set’s in..
*now we’re working on the phase 2 of the upgrade and it won’t be upgraded only in Nigeria… We want to make sure the community is sustainable for a long time.. 
*The next set of upgrade will make it easy to change from old mavro to new mavro and vice versa… And it will no longer allow us to freeze any mavro… 
*we have a lot of ideas on how and what to do to sustain this community.. How can the community keep working? We have to keep on phing and ghing and see this community as a donation platform not a get rich scheme but i also understand we all have financial problems but let’s see the community for what it is… 

*we want to see suggestions on a Google form and they’re to be submitted.. Provide a full details on what you want done, then we’ll be able to analyze them on how it will work and how it should look like…
*I think this weekly maximums is already a recommitment because your PH and can’t gh all at once.. 
*about bitcoin – now it’s local… Nigerians pay to Nigerians..
*About this upgrade – the upgrade was necessary and important for us because the upgrade did not cos this problems the participants did.. And like i said the next upgrade will make us pay for old Mavros (2016)but participants will decide the exchange rate but we’re still working to create something that will satisfy you… 
*It’s important for us to continue to develop the community.. We need to invite new people to the community cos we really need them and let’s make use of the promo task.. 
*anyone you invite tell them the trust about all – them them what happened to mavro 2016 andet then decide to join.. If we’re active ph will increase.. 
*guys let’s see how this mavro 100% works cos at the moment people provide help in smaller amounts and this weekly maximums will take care of that and like i told you – it can be taken away and 30% brought back at any moment so is no problem for us.. 

*Is not possible for all your financial problems to be resolved overnight…so don’t put all your finances burdens on the community – you should understand that their are risks involved in doing so… 
Phase 2 upgrade will be about old Mavros.. Our plan will make us pay for Mavros-2016 faster…
Meeting ended…
Upgrade phase 2, What is your opinion about this phase 2 of the upgrade, will it do more harm or more good? leave your comment below


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