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Keeping Money In MMM Equals Keeping Money In The Bank| See Reasons


With the new upgrade from MMM, keeping money in MMM is equivalent to keeping money in your bank account. 

But the advantage of MMM over your local bank is that with MMM you become 30% richer every 30days.


With your local bank, you keep money and hope to withdraw when you need it. Same rule now applies to MMM, with the help of the new upgrade all MMM participants can now withdraw(GH) parts of their money every week.
There was grumbling and complaints when this new policy was implemented but a close look at the banking system will prove that this new policy is for the benefits of all MMM faithfuls.

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Take UBA bank in Nigeria for example, the bank only allows a maximum of #200,000 instant transfer a day when you use OTP(one time password), #20,000 when you use you PIN. 

If a customer wishes to send money with sum larger than #200,000 he/she has to wait for the next 24 hours before performing another instant transfer.
It is also very important to point out that even ATM have daily withdrawal limit. So you can now see that MMM is not only help make your money safe but also making you rich. Keep the PH and GH circle flowing and every week you will be smiling.
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