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How To Start you Own Business with Help Of MMM Part 2

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In our previous post about using MMM to start a personal business, we place emphasis on how MMM can give you the required business capital and how MMM encourages risk bearing. In this post, we are going to discuss more about the qualities MMM can help you develop as a business man/woman.


Every successful business man/woman must know how best to manage time to be able to control the business effectively. over the years, MMM have helped it’s members to manage time. For example, in MMM there is time for PH, then there is a period of time after PH called frozen, then there is time for GH.

These series of steps teaches it’s participant that there is time for everything. With this right attitude, MMM members can will do well when they start their own business.
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Next quality that MMM have impacted in it’s members is the business plan strategy. From the start of the month, MMM members have planned how much they will use in MMM, when they will PH that amount and when they will GH that money. Same is true of business men/women, they start planning from the beginning of the month.

The series of how MMM encourages Business ideas is still on. Our next article will be about the third part of the MMM and business.
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