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Bitcoin Becoming Valuable as Diamond


According to an Article writer in Forbes, bitcoin can be rightly called the blood diamond of our era and for good reasons Mntrends agree with this writer from Forbes. Over a period of eight years, bitcoin value is worth more than double the price of an ounce of Gold. And with each passing day the values increases and this makes it get closer to the value of 1 carat diamond.

The website Diamonds place a priced value of $9,300 for a well cut carat diamond and the current price of a bitcoin is about $4,600 (Stats are based on when article was written, stats may change anytime). By the end of 2017, bitcoin is forecast to be a little above $10,000 and this will make it as valuable as a diamond.

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The most priced gem today will have to be the diamond but the bitcoin price is going up everyday and some day bitcoin might just be as valuable as diamond or even more valuable. According to forecasters, an investment in bitcoin now is a wise investment as it will yield good results in the future.

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