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A Call To Action | See How MMM Can Overcome a Possible Restart


Most of the MMM participants don’t understand “Restart” in MMM, a restart in MMM means that all account will be wiped irrespective of how much you have. Now there are various reasons for restart and imbalance of PH and GH is one of these reasons.

During the recent upgrade, most MMM Nigeria participants canceled their PH orders and out of fear, rumors and unnecessary panic rushed to GH. But they forget that the MMM platform is built on a simple mechanism, PH and GH. 
This means that, if there is no PH there won’t be GH and if there is no GH there won’t be PH. Now the system have tons of GH request with little PH. Though according to our source, PH has started trooping in, but the GH level is way too high.
Now to avoid a possible restart of the system, some GH requests have to be canceled and all members should PH something, anything to save the system. You don’t need to PH big but just go and press the PH button.
Guiders should canceled all GH request in their personal office and PH something to the system. Guiders should also encourage those in their structure to PH something too. MMM will surely overcome but nobody would want to experience a system restart.


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