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Will MMM Crash?| The Ultimate Question and The Best Answer


Many people always fear this and hence they ask this question frequently. The truth is with the current stand of MMM, it can never crash. If you doubt this then read on and see the findings of Team_Moneyrated and Team_Mntrends.


Most people only participate in MMM and they forget to be up to date with the current news from MMM. MMM introduced a policy where your release is different from another persons release date. For Example

Mr John provide help the same day with Mrs Kunle.
Mr John and Mrs Kunle were both merged to fulfill their order same day
Mr John and Mrs Kunle both made payment same day
Mr John recipient confirmed him immediately while Mrs Kunle was confirm a day after.

Now Note that though both participants created an order same day, was merged to pay same day and even made payment same day, their release date won’t be same because they were confirmed on different dates.
The point is if Mr john is to get help 26th of that month, Mrs Kunle will likely get help two or three days after Mr John.
With this current policy, everyone won’t be able to GH same day and this will help to prevent any pause as everybody can’t rush to hit the GH button same day.
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