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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Twinkas Still Struggling To Revive Platform See Steps to Claim Your Money

Twinkas just introduced new method to try and pay off its participants. They newly introduced a re-branding of the system. Read instructions below

Re-branding Transition Phase 2B
We have launched the Transition Phase 2B which requires all Participants to convert all active packages on each linked account into their money value. Log in with your main account to the E-Commerce panel, click on the menu Package - Money Conv.

At this point, all linked accounts and their money value will be displayed. Click on Convert. At this stage, you have completed the transition phases. Wait for further Information. 

All Converted account will be deleted from the database. Account will cease to Exist. 

As a reminder, we have added a Tabbed Notification to enable members view at most 3 previously updated notice (Previous 1-3) to stay updated. 

No Retreat, No Surrender! Happy Twinking!

Twinkas are not giving up on paying its debt all they need from their members now is a little patience from Twinkas to finish re-branding.