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Summary of Latest MMM Guider Meeting



• As seen again we posted the video contest for how I got my 2016 mavro fully.. If you are planning to participating please do on time and submit your video on time. Because we need more contestant.

• Landing page has been updated as we can see. It’s good for us. Let’s use it to recruit people. It’s important

•  We need MMM to stay and to do that we need to work as one. No need complaining all the time as it causes setbacks.. No need for complaints as all the glitches seen have been submitted to support and we waiting for there response.

• We will be starting interviews for people interested for the MMM online operators for customer care agents. We already have so many applications.

• Like I told you programmers are working to implement new things to make the system sustainable so that what happened last year December won’t happen this year. Priority will be given to those with small amount of PHes but with time we will know.

• mmmpo.com is our own and not a scam. It’s a mirror of our domain which you can log in with.

• Apart from 30% ph option 50% mavro growth will be given as option for participant but it will be ghed within 3months ( but if u gh it before 3 month u get ur initial ph back) but as said participant can choose which one they like. (GUIDER’s to vote on this) Mavro will also grow daily now.

• Partial PH matched and not completely matched later is because orders was brought down to 10orders max on dashboard apart from 15 but programmers are working on d glitch of incomplete matching of ph.

• In July the contest for the promo task could be launched so let’s be prepared.

• All these glitches we experience, we already inform programmers about that and it’s been worked on and we will give feedback.

• Please let’s stop complaining and let’s keep working to make it better. Let’s work more.

Take care and let’s work hard… Together we will overcome.

Meeting ends.


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