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Significant MMM Accomplishment Worth Knowing



Over the years,the MMM community have successfully accomplished something that most country are still hoping to accomplish. If you are wondering what that might be,its UNITY and TRUST.


From history, South Africa have been fighting against racism (The feeling of superiority between blacks and white). But with MMM there is little or no racism as the community makes it possible for black to Provide help to the white and vice versa.
The MMM community is a very strong one that it even makes it possible for the white and blacks who won’t even talk to call and communicate with one another. Just so you know,in some cases a white is the guider of a black person and vice versa.


Nigeria is practically divided into four parts, the North (which consist of the Hausa and Fulani), the West (which consist of mostly the Yorubas), the igbo to the East and the Urhobos, Efik, Ijaws, Itsekiri etc are to the South South.
But with MMM, there is no such division because the North Provide Help to the East and likewise the Easterners to the Northerners. the situation is not different for the Southerns and the Westerners. 
Every one in the MMM community forgets these boundaries and work together. Now that is something acquired by the MMM community that its members can be proud of. 


Another very important achievement of the MMM commuinty is the Trust. You can imagine an Hausa providing help to an Igbo and still trust that when he Gets Help an Igbo or a Yoruba won’t hesitate in providing help.
MMM is by far the most successful platform in any country, you can register in this wonderful community all you need to do is ask how. 

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