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How to Make More Money From MMM by Simply Performing these Simple Tasks

The wonderful MMM community offers more than just PH and GH. They offer opportunities fro its members to earn more. To earn more from MMM, all you need do is participate in some simple tasks.


Most participants are just busy Getting Help and writing letter of happiness without focus on the extra money that they can earn by simply making a testimonial video. When next you GH in MMM, simply try and upload a testimonial video you might just be amazed how easy to get that bonus.


Next are the contest video organize by MMM. These videos are specific and they give direction on how it should be done and how much will be given to the winner, first runner and second runner up.  The latest contest video on the MMM website is the “How I Had My Mavros-2016 Released”.
More of these contest are still coming, for example the PROMO TASKS contests will soon be live. Be prepared to participate and earn more from MMM. Participate in these and be making extra money from the MMM platform.
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