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How to Know and Become a Competent MMM Guider



👉Assist with any issues

👉Help build downliners team

👉Escalate queries to support for all unanswered tickets, especially Moratorium removal, Fake POP and GA key removal issues

👉SMS Downliners when GH and PH is due. (This is critical if you want a big team and do not want your team and other team members blocked)

👉Respond to WhatsApp Messages, Telegram and Facebook messages in a timely fashion.

👉Do not hide phone number in on Dashboard, so your team can’t get hold of you. 

👉Do not become a guider for the guider bonuses only. 

👉Assist DL to become guiders.

👉 *If your guider does not do the above, you are free to change guider!!*

Also, If your Guider does not respond to you, does not assist you,  does not know how MMM works

He does not understand the ideology and your team needs to be with a more competent guider.

    *Change of guider*

👉Login to your po 

👉Click My page 

 👉 Scroll to the right side 

👉Click guider bottom

 👉Then click select

👉Then type in new Guider email and save


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