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Saturday, 8 July 2017

How To Do MMM Account Verification and Lift Moratorium

MMM usually asks for verification of account if there is another participant using same name as the one you have in your personal office. It is very important to note that the time of lifting this moratorium depends on the number of participants having same issue.

This means that, lifting the moratorium may be as quick as four days or as long as six months (though MMM pegged the maximum moratorium days for three months but sometimes its takes more time).


  1. Log into your personal office
  2. Go to support Tab
  3. Create a new ticket
  4. Select Subject Question "Identity Verification"
  5. Title"Verifying My MMM account" or "Verifying my MMM personal office"
  6. Select a valid ID/Passport from your phone(Mostly in picture format)
  7. Write your story and send to support
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Below is a picture of an account verification in MMM and the response from MMM Support team

 Wait for about 24 to 48 hours for response from support and follow the instruction given to you by support.

Quick Tip: It is better to avoid this by not using your real name in your MMM account. You can simply use initials or nickname that is related to your bank details.

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