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Solution to MMM Guider School Day 1 Tasks



There are series of tasks to be done in this day 1 of the guider school. Among these tasks is a question and answer section. below are the full details of all tasks for day 1.

1. Nigeria-mmm.net – Ideology & Regulations: 

Under this task, there are questions that needs to be asnwered. These questions are mostly about MMM ideology and the regulations that governs the MMM platform. Below are screenshot of the right answers to these questions.

2. How to Work in Social Networks

This task is a video that shows how to use social media to promote MMM. You can watch this video or just click “Yes” and submit.

3. Work with Groups on Facebook

Under here, you will read about how to work with groups or pages in facebook. You can just click “Yes” and submit.

4. Personal Brand in Social Networks

This is a write up about creating a brand in social networks. You can read this write up or just click “Yes” and submit.

5. How does it work?

This is a write up about how MMM works and there is a question and answer section below this task. The answers to the questions asked are in the screenshot below.

6. Work with Objections

This is the final task of Day 1 and there is a video under this task, you can choose to watch or just click “Yes” and submit. 

It is very important to note that after every class, you have a meeting with your mentor which normally starts by 8:00pm Nigerian time. Do not miss this meeting as the school automatically takes attendance of these meeting.

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