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MMM Providing More Employment Compare To federal government


Many people have blacklisted the MMM platform, calling it fraud. But the truth that is in a sense visible to the blind and loud enough for the deaf is that, the MMM platform is actually providing employment and reducing poverty rate faster than any federal government of this world.


In more than 50 years, the Nigeria federal government have succeeded in giving about 65 million of its participants employment. But within a year, MMM was able to provide a means of feeding for over 3.5 million people in Nigeria.

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Following the above stats, in just 6 years MMM will be able to give some 21 million a means to survive and care for all their family expenses and live a good life.
Now imagine how MMM can help reduce the rate of poverty if it stays as old as a country.
Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to turn your financial story around. Please members should leave links to WhatsApp group in comment section below and help bring new members and help them become financially free.


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