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MMM Guider School Day 2 Task and Solutions


MMM guider school day 2 is quite and interesting one. The tasks here expose all the students to some secrets and untold stories of the community. You are to read these stories and answer some few questions.

Take the MMM guider school day 2 as a comprehension passage. you read about the how MMM has evolved over the years. You also get to read about the story of founder as told by the administration. Well there is difference between what the newspapers says about the founder and what MMM admins have to tell you.

Recent Update: MMM relaunch and is promising to pay its members. The newly created community have same feature like the old community. You can Register for a free Account using this Official Link. Note that participating is at personal risk.

MMM Guider School Day 2 Activities

We have put together what you are to expect in the MMM guider school day 2. Each questions have been answered so you won’t have to think too much. We also provided links to help you with some other tasks.

For example, you’ll be expected to do a SWOT analysis in a google doc. There is a link below to a sample of a SWOT analysis created by one of our admins to help you structure your own SWOT analysis. this should help you quickly complete the tasks for day 2.

1. Evolution of MMM

 This is the story of how MMM has evolve over the years, how it all started, the challenges it faced, how it almost collapse and its revival. After this story, there is a question and answer. The answers to the questions are in the picture below.

MMM Guider School Day 2

2. SWOT analysis for MMM

SWOT for MMM means, Strenght,Weakness,Opportunities and Threats for the MMM community. You need to perform this analysis in a google doc and submit the link. See a sample of SWOT analysis HERE

3. Founder of MMM: Sergey Mavrodi

This is the story of the founder of the MMM community Sergie Mavrodi.  You can read about his story or just click “Yes” and submit. While it is easy for you to just skip the story, we advice you read it. Like the saying goes,’no Knowledge is a waste”.

4. Ideology of MMM

This is the last lesson for day 2 and its a video about the MMM ideology. You can watch the video or just click “Yes” and submit.

It’s very important you attend the evening meeting scheduled for 8:00pm Nigerian time with your mentor. In this meeting your Mentor will give you instructions and guidance on what to do next.

MMM Guider school day 2 is quite interesting. This day you get to know some things about MMM that you have not read before. Note that all stories are told by MM admins. You can visit our contact us page and send us any question you have or leave it as a comment below and you will be answered by an admin of this blog.


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