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Monday, 26 June 2017

MMM Guider Meeting Suggest Increase in Call Center Operators


Call centre operators to be increased,Participants will be called to come back and particupate

Encourage ur DLS to become guiders,encourage ur DLS to attend guider school.

Suggestions on PH limit was given but Andrew said he will enquire about PH limit for Nigeria.

Emphasis was laid on d ideology of MMM which is donation

1k+ guiders shld try to transfer DLS to guiders in dere structure

Times extension will be suggested to d programmers but quick payment shld be encouraged

We shld still work with d 10% ref and 10% old mavro for now

Pls encourage ur DLS to use Google Authenticator,ensure to always type to ur enter ur p.o avoid using links u see online cos hackers can use dt to enter ur p.os

Nothing can be achieved without hard work,invite more participants


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