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Just In: MMM Renews Domain Name

It has been on social media for a while that the MMM domain for their personal office will expire this year July. 

That news was believed by MMM participants to be spread by media to create panic among participants of the community. 

But there is good news, the MMM domain was renewed today and it’s expiring date is now July 2018. You can verify this to be true with WHOIS domain website. 

See screenshot of the domain details from the picture below. 

MMM domain expirating date extended to July 28 2022

MMM participants can  now say NO to media panic. Continue to PH and GH, enjoy the benefits of 30% every 30 days. MMM is here to stay and you can be a part of it. See comment section for WhatsApp links and get into one to be enlighten.


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